Glade® Automatic Room Spray

How about having one less thing to worry about? Glade® Automatic Spray offers the confidence that your bathroom has freshness that won't disappear. The automatically time-released fragrance creates a environment that has more freshness, less worry. Whenever you need a controlled burst of fragrance, just use the boost button so that freshness lingers, but odours don’t.

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  • Benefits

    Discover peace of mind with up to 60 days* of set-and-forget freshness. The portable, battery-operated unit adds fragrance anywhere. Easy-open latch design makes refilling easy.

    *Based on 36-minute setting.

    There are two ways to spray:

    Time Settings:
    Choose one of three time settings to select how often you would like your fragrance.

    Boost Button:

    Press the button for an extra burst of fragrance anytime you want it. Choose from a variety of quality Glade® fragrances. Refill lasts 60 days when set at the 36 minute setting. Refill fits Glade® and Air Wick Freshmatic sprays**.
    **Also fits: Air Wick® Freshmatic® Ultra, Ultra I-Motion®, and Lysol® Neutra Air® Freshmatic® sprays, or your money back! Air Wick® and related brands are registered trademarks of Reckitt Benckiser LLC. For more information on the money-back guarantee, please call 800-558-5252 or visit us at This product is not authorized, sponsored, or endorsed by Reckitt Benckiser LLC.

  • Safety



    Do not smoke. Do not puncture. Do not burn.Use only in well-ventilated area.

    Keep away from open flames, such as a pilot light, and any object that sparks, such as an electric motor.

    Store away from heat.

    Do not get in eyes.

    Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    FIRST AID TREATMENT: Contains fragrance and ethanol.

    If swallowed, call a Poison Control Centre or doctor immediately.

    Do no induce vomiting. If in eyes, rinse with water for 20 minutes. If irritation persists, consult a doctor.

  • Directions

    Please read and retain all safety use instructions.

    Press button at top, while pulling sides of holder apart. When unit is open, always make sure the timer is set to OFF position and keep spray nozzle pointed away from face.

    Keep the unit pointed away from your face at all times. Turn the automatic spray unit to the OFF position, and remove the empty refill can. Insert a new refill can with the spray nozzle facing out. Turn the unit on by selecting desired time setting in minutes, and close the unit. A spray will occur at the selected time interval. For an instant burst of Glade® fragrance anytime, press the boost button on the unit.

    Press button at top of unit to open front cover. Turn the time setting to the OFF position. Remove refill to access batteries and replace with two new AA batteries. Replace refill, ensuring spray nozzle is facing forward, and set to your desired time setting. Close cover.

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