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Glade® Sense & Spray® Automatic Spray

Awaken the air with fresh fragrance with Glade® Sense & Spray® Automatic Spray. It instantly detects your motion as you pass by and automatically activates a burst of artfully crafted fragrance.

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  • Benefits

    The Glade® Sense & Spray® and Glade® Sense & Spray® with 360° design offer the ultimate motion-activated fragrance experience, blending attractive design and a Smart Motion Sensor. For added control, a boost button can be pressed at any time for an extra burst of fragrance. Choose from a variety of masterfully crafted Glade® fragrances.

    To conserve the refill, the unit also comes with a lock-out setting. The Sense & Spray® lock-out mode is 20 minutes.

  • Safety

    Safety & Precautions


    • Do not expose to heat or store above 50°C.
    • Do not puncture or incinerate.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.
    • Do not place unit below any electrical outlet and/or light switches.
    • Do not use in asthma or medical inhalers.
    • Do not use in small, confined pet areas.
    • Keep out of reach of children and pets.

    Keep the unit pointed away from you and others during assembly. Avoid pressing the boost button when locking the unit into place, to avoid the unit spraying once activated.


    Read more at sense and spray automatic freshener

  • Directions


    The smart unit automatically sprays fragrance when it has detected motion or a shadow has been cast upon a sensor.
    To conserve the refill, the unit automatically enters a 20 minute lock-out mode, during which time the sensors are off and the unit will not automatically spray. After the lockout mode time has expired, the unit is again ready to sense motion.

    For an instant burst of Glade® fragrance anytime, press the boost button on the top of the unit.
    Use only Glade® Sense & Spray® refills in this unit.


    For best results, place unit upright on a flat surface where upward spray will not be obstructed. Place unit within 1.5 m of traffic flow.

    Helpful hints:

    The sensor may not respond if:

    The room is too dark. Ensure there's sufficient lighting to allow a shadow to be cast upon sensor.

    The unit is placed directly on or in a light source, especially sunlight. Move the unit out of the bright light.

    Sensor on the front of the device is blocked by objects. Position the unit so that the sensor is unobstructed.


    Keep the unit pointed away from you and others during assembly. It automatically sprays a burst of fragrance after assembly to show it is working properly.


    Sense & Spray

    Lift front cover. Place canister in position over the tan coloured tab. Snap canister into place. You will hear a click to know the refill has been inserted correctly.

    Pull and discard red tab to activate batteries.

    To replace canister, lift front cover and remove the empty canister. To install new canister, follow assembly instructions above

    To replace batteries, lift front cover. Insert two new AA batteries.

    NOTE: Be sure that replacement batteries are positioned correctly. Unit will not function if batteries are installed backward.

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