Angel Whispers

Any day is a great day to get wrapped up in a modern romance all of your own. An intriguing mix of enchanting floral notes is love at first sniff.
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Angel Whispers

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  • Angel Whispers

    Am I Dreaming?

    Slip off to a faraway land of fairy tale fantasy, where reality and make-believe intertwine with Glade® Angel Whispers.

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  • Angel Whispers

    The scent of sweet perfume lingered like the last moments before a first kiss…Is this real, or am I dreaming?

  • Angel Whispers

    I opened my eyes to the sight of the most beautiful flowers—rose, iris and jasmine. I wondered…Where am I?

  • Angel Whispers

    A distant thunder rolled as the scent of watery peach and melon drifted by. I heard the wind moving through the lush garden around me.

  • Angel Whispers

    Sweet vanilla tempted me as I stepped toward the unknown. Though I wasn't sure where I was, I wanted to stay.

  • Angel Whispers

    I made my way to the edge of a clearing, fragrant sandalwood surrounding me as I neared the trees.
    What was waiting on the other side?


Rose and iris aromas add a pretty perfume to notes of bright florals, peach and melons. The scent of amber, sandalwood and seductive jasmine guarantees that you’ll fall under its spell.

  • peach, cassis, melon, leafy green
  • rose, iris, lily of the valley, jasmine
  • musk, amber vanilla

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